ClickPlayFun Issue #2

ClickPlayFun Issue #2

It's time for another issue of ClickPlayFun! This month prepare to take on some head-scratching puzzles including bold dudes in hats, octopods, ladybugs and many more.

Have fun with this month issue and remember that you can expect a new ClickPlay game on the 1st of every month. If you enjoy my creations, then please consider subscribing for $4 per month and help support the development of new games.

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Level 1 - Hint

Tour goal is to find the PLAY button. The wings of the ladybug look like they move.

Level 1 - Answer

Open the wings by swiping them left and right.

Level 2 - Hint

Can you find the secret password by unscrambling the letter tiles. What does the object in the clue look like and what is it saying?

Level 2 - Answer

The password is PILLOW.

Level 3 - Hint

Match the octopus to their names. Look for clues in the way they look and how they could correspond to what they’re called.

Level 3 - Answer

Top left - Inky | Top right - Winky | Bottom left - Blinky | Botton right - Sixpack

Level 4 - Hint

At what temperature (Celsius) does water boil?

Level 4 - Answer

The answer is 100 degrees Celsius.

Level 5 - Hint

Tapping the mans hat seems to make the hat runaway. The level title is 'Tie Tugging'. In order to tug the tie we need to get to it first and free it.

Level 5 - Answer

Tap the mans coat button to get to his tie, then swipe the tie clip away. Once done swipe down on the tie to make the hat do a flip and reveal the PLAY button.

Level 6 - Hint

What is something pointy that you throw with an 'E' removed + something that goes across as opposed to up and down.

Level 6 - Answer

The password is Sparrow.

Level 7 - Hint

Your goal is to find 2 matching octopods. Your job is made slightly easier by the fact that they are divided into green and blue.

Level 7 - Answer

The positions are always random, so you're going to have to look for the match. Looking at either green or blue at a time helps (for example - pick one green then look through the other green octopods to see if they match).

Level 8 - Hint

Look at the different sizes and colours of the numbers and how they relate to the 3 circle symbols at bottom of the clue.

Level 8 - Answer

The symbols tell you what colour and size you pick (small, medium & Large). The answer is 537.

Level 9 - Hint

What is the monster asking you to do and how could you do it by using the dice surrounding it.

Level 9 - Answer

Surrounding the monster are blue and yellow dice from 1 - 6. The monster is asking you to make a 7 in a certain colour. If the monster is asking for blue, then tap two blue dice that add up to 7. Do the same for yellow. If it is asking for green, then combine blue and yellow.

Level 10 - Hint

What is a THREE without an H? Do you know the mathematical symbol on the right?

Level 10 - Answer

The answer is TREE ROOT.

Level 11 - Hint

Tap any to comic segments to swap their positions and fix the comic. Look at parts that join together and then decide which panel the belong to.

Level 11 - Answer

Panel 1:

Dude! I still can't believe our birthdays are on the same day.

I know right? Let's go on 3!

Panel 2:

3 - 2 - 1.. SURPRISE!!

Panel 3:

Umm.. thanks man. Looks, umm good.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Panel 4:

A few moments later...

I really love my new shirt dude.

Same, best present ever!

Level 12 - Hint

What do the shapes in the grid look like and how could you use the arrows below.

Level 12 - Answer

Use the arrows to spell out numbers inside the 3x3 grid.

The answer is 413.

Level 13 - Hint

Look at the shape symbols and how you could use them (think paths).

Level 13 - Answer

Starting at the tile you want to uncover, tap tiles in order by the shape indicated by the first tile you tapped. Once you complete the path, the tile will become uncovered. Complete the other tiles to uncover the PLAY button.

Level 14 - Hint

What shape is that on the left and what garden tool does that look like. On the right there are some cards. What cards are those, and what if you put the letter in the middle, in the front to spell a word?

Level 14 - Answer

The password is SHOE LACES.

Level 15 - Hint

Tap four 'facts' that are incorrect. Think about the once your sure of, then try the others if needed.

Level 15 - Answer

Mount Everest is shrinking = FALSE

Two is not a prime number = FALSE

A buttload is not a real unit = FALSE

Water freezes at 0° Fahrenheit = FALSE

Level 16 - Hint

Look at the brick like shape at the top and what the clues on the bottom are asking you to do. What if you removed some bricks?

Level 16 - Answer

If you remove the coloured bricks in the clues below for each of the three digits, then you will notice that the bricks that remain are in the shape of numbers.

The answer is 582.