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If you like solving puzzles and playing variety mini-games then my new game might be just for you. Help a spider with some annoying flies, feed hungry bears, smash some bottles, crack devious codes and much, much more.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you can expect a new ClickPlay game on the 1st of every month. If you enjoy my creations, then please consider subscribing for $4 per month and help support the development of new games.

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Level 1 - Hint

What needs to happen before the car can go?

Level 1 - Answer

Tap the traffic light to make it go green, then tap the car.

Level 2 - Hint

What does a duck say?

Level 2 - Answer


Level 3 - Hint

Tap the bears until the their lunchboxes show their favourite snack.

  1. Top left is a polar bear
  2. Top right is a teddy bear
  3. Bottom left is a brown bear
  4. Bottom right is a panda bear

Level 3 - Answer

  1. Top left (polar bear) - Arctic Peeps
  2. Top right (teddy bear) - Foam Stuff
  3. Bottom left (brown bear) - Honey Bites
  4. Bottom Right (panda bear) - Bamboo Shoots

Level 4 - Hint

Look at the 3 shapes at the bottom and how they might relate to the dice.

Level 4 - Answer

Thinking of the shapes below the dice as selections, add up the dice in the correcponding shapes. The answer is 657.

Level 5 - Hint

The spider needs some lunch on his plate.

Level 5 - Answer

Tap the flies to squish them and make them drop, then drag them to the spiders plate.

Level 6 - Hint

What does the shape look like and what does ZZZ usually mean? Hmmm, there is a word for when you take one of these in the afternoon :)

Level 6 - Answer


Level 7 - Hint

In each of the 3 rounds, look for a distinguishing feature related to what a pirate might wear/have.

Level 7 - Answer

  1. Look for the ninja with an eye-patch
  2. look for the ninja with a hook (right side)
  3. look for the ninja with a peg-leg

Level 8 - Hint

Think of the circles as clocks, then figure out that the symbol in the middle is asking you to do.

Level 8 - Answer

Add up all the minutes on the clocks (shown in black). The answer is 150.

Level 9 - Hint

You have to break the bottles in the correct order. Look at the symbol above and try to figure out what that sequence might be.

Level 9 - Answer

Break the bottles in this order...

  1. Second tallest bottle
  2. Third tallest bottle
  3. The tallest bottle
  4. The shortest bottle

Level 10 - Hint

  1. What shape is the first object
  2. What is the first object
  3. What's a three letter word for the second object
  4. Spell this out and you have your answer :)

Level 10 - Answer

The answer is S-HAM-POO -> SHAMPOO

Level 11 - Hint

Swap the pieces around to fix the comic. Start with the darker coloured pieces and put them in the bottom right corner. The rest should make sense after this.

Level 11 - Answer

  1. Hi Dude! | Hi.
  2. We're really gonna have to do something about this frown of yours. | Oh.
  3. Here. Go see this guy! He'll fix you right up.
  4. wELL!?!?! HoW dO yOu FeEL?!?

Level 12 - Hint

Look at the circles in the picture, then the order.

Level 12 - Answer

  1. Add up all the whitish circles.
  2. Add up the yellowish circles.
  3. Add up the blask circles.

The answer is 913.

Level 13 - Hint

Pay attention to the fading shape and where that might lie in relation of a play button.

Level 13 - Answer

The shapes are shown in random order. Think of the board as a puzzle divided in to 9 segments. Tap the correct square in order to construct the play button.

Level 14 - Hint

Look at the white part of the word, then look at the whole word. These two words related to something you might find on a farm.

Level 14 - Answer

  1. Baa - clue for sheep
  2. Baark - clue for dog

The answer is SHEEP DOG.

Level 15 - Hint

Tap the 'facts' which are incorrect. There are four of them. Start with the ones you are sure of, then test the others.

Level 15 - Answer

  1. Stalacmites grow up, while stalactites grow down.
  2. Cats don't like water, but they can swim.
  3. Pineapples grow on plants, close to the ground.
  4. The sun is a star.

Level 16 - Hint

Work out the value of each of the coloured circles. Remember, multiplication goes before addition and subtraction.

Level 16 - Answer

The answer is 284.